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What makes your workout equipment such a success with members? One answer might be the Precor console. It is a fantastic way for individuals to keep track of their achievements, program workouts, and engage with media while exercising. However, a few things could go wrong with the Precor P80 console. For example, if you accidentally pinched a power cable or a member spilled their water over the console, there is a chance that it is time to replace one or more parts.

Upgrading and Repairing the Precor Console

When dealing with a Precor P30 console, you may need frame parts or hardware that keeps the machines up to date. Typical replacement pieces include the machine controls assembly and the metrics display. When dealing with a Precor P82 console, the most common replacement part is the wireless PCB contract HR. If you are unsure whether you have a cable assembly for the piece on hand, err on the side of caution and keep a couple on hand as well. By the way, several Precor P31 console parts may also be useful for other models.

Which are some higher-end parts that retailers keep on hand? A primary example is the Precor personal viewing system. Of course, considering that it is well-built, you only need to replace it on occasion. For all the other Precor parts, we recommend keeping some washers, bolts, and other items on hand.

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