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What do you do when the most popular treadmills, ellipticals and cross-trainers in your gym are out of order? Find the right parts fast for all your cardio equipment including Life Fitness treadmill parts for models such as 9500, 95ti, 95t, T3 and F3 and 95R. Cardio is still king in most fitness centers with gym members gravitating to their favorite treadmills, ellipticals and cross-trainers. With that kind of grueling workout, you need to find spare parts and accessories fast to keep Life Fitness 9500HR treadmills and other commercial exercise machines in good repair. Get help diagnosing problems 24/7 with our extensive online library of manuals, troubleshooting guides and other repair help.

Aftermarket & Refurbished Replacement Parts for Life Fitness Treadmills

Life Fitness treadmill motors, consoles, displays, monitors and electronics boards can be the most expensive parts to replace -- especially if the models are out of warranty. You can save big bucks on these costly replacement parts by sending us your non-working electronics boards and displays; our team of experts will repair them and send them right back to you. If you need your repaired or refurbished Life Fitness treadmill replacement parts faster, try overnight service with our parts exchange program. Choose from a huge selection of frame parts, such as endcaps, electrical parts, such as power cords, and drive and lift motors, plus get volume discounts on deck springs and deck spring clips, as well as drive belts and deck screws. Life Fitness treadmill spare parts are our specialty.

Still curious about how to save money on expensive replacement parts for your treadmills, ellipticals and cross-trainers? Save up to 75% off cost of new Life Fitness treadmill consoles when you choose to repair or exchange your non-working consoles on your past warranty treadmill. Find what you need to keep all major models of Life Fitness treadmills in top condition from our extensive collection of OEM and aftermarket treadmill belts, pre-waxed and unwaxed treadmill decks, and wax kits, along with a huge selection of tools and accessories. In addition to a full inventory of parts for all models including the classic Life Fitness treadmill 9500HR, we also offer a full line of elliptical parts for recent or past warranty cross trainer models such as the state-of-the-art Life Fitness crosstrainer X9i.

Gym members love ellipticals and cross-trainers because this type of fitness equipment works more muscle groups with lower impact than other cardio machines. Throw away that out of order sign and keep your members happy with replacement parts, supplies, support for cardio and strength equipment from National Gym Supply at gympart.com.

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