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Did you know that Hoist home gyms are a favorite on the workout floor, too? Because the popularity of these machines ensures frequent use, gym owners appreciate the ready availability of Hoist fitness parts. Manufacturers separate them by the series each machine represents. For example, there are Hoist gym equipment parts for series CF, CL, HD, HS, and others. By the way, there are separate parts for strength units, which are also an athlete favorite. Get the parts you need for any of your Hoist fitness systems.

How to Choose the Right Hoist Fitness Parts

When shopping for Hoist home gym replacement parts, select the items that focus on the specific series you are working with. For example, HD Series equipment offers parts numbered from HD1100 to HD1900, so you can easily use a serial number to find the right part. In contrast, Hoist fitness replacement parts for the RPL Series machines focus on the pull-down portion or the incline chest press. Each of them also features unique Hoist gym parts numbers that range from RPL5101 to RPL5601. Find fitness equipment parts for ellipticals, multi-gyms, functional trainers and free weight machines. Find parts for strength training machines like the leg press, shoulder press, lat pulldown, leg curl and leg extension. Ensure the selectorized weight stacks and cable assembly are functioning safely for your clients. Replace the dumbbells and barbells in your facility that are getting damaged or worn.

What are some of the popular parts for other series? In the case of Hoist CL series fitness parts, shoppers typically buy for the hi-low pulley or the cable crossover. Examples include pulleys and seat post sleeves. As previously noted, there are several items on the list for Hoist HD series fitness parts.

Whether someone wants to work on their cardio fitness, tricep strength, or have a long leg day, ensure your machines and weights are safely available for use. Not only do we carry a wide selection of Hoist replacement parts, but we also have parts for many other brands including Life Fitness, Star Trac, Precor, Nautilus, and Cybex.

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