NGS Troubleshooting

Program Your Own StairMaster 4000PT Console

40 ENTER Turns on teletype sound for scrolling
messages only.
41 ENTER Turns off teletype sound for scrolling
messages only.
105 ENTER Clears the entire memory (Scrolling
messages and custom workouts).
109 ENTER Displays Summary for partial workouts
(Rev. 1.2, 1.3 and 2.1 only).
1010 ENTER Changes a workout length (Except for Rev. 2.1).
1650 ENTER Programs a custom Workout.
2121 ENTER Turns off EKG Symbol and turns on scrolling message. Display is blank if no scrolling message has been programmed.
2123 ENTER Turns off scrolling message and turns on EKG symbol.
3121 ENTER Displays current odds for jackpot option.
4101 ENTER Runs a custom workout.
7607 ENTER Programs a scrolling message.
7703 ENTER Displays number of hours and floors.
8089 ENTER Programs odds for jackpot option.
9750 ENTER Changes console to Rev. E (Rev. 2.1 only).
9751 ENTER Changes console to Rev. D (Rev. 2.1 only).
9760 ENTER Changes console to English system (Rev. 2.1 only).
9761 ENTER Changes console to Metric system (Rev. 2.1 Only).
97405 ENTER Locks in a workout length (Rev. 2.1 only).
Speed Up, 15 ENTER Display Test.
107 ENTER 1 Alternator Circuit Test # 1.
107 ENTER 2 Alternator Circuit Test # 2.
107 ENTER 3 Keypad Test.
107 ENTER 4 Revision Level test.