NGS Troubleshooting

How to Build Your Own Dumbbells

1. Only use Ivanko plates with Ivanko handles. Not doing so can cause compatibility problems between the handles and the plates, which may result in breakage and injury.

2. Disassemble all handles.

3. Soak the handles in thinner and use an air hose to blow out any remaining chips or foreign matter that may still be on the threads. Let them dry thoroughly.

4. Apply #2 Locktite into the threads and tighten the bolt. Final tightening must be done with a torque wrench set at 125 foot/pounds with a breaker bar. Reverse wrenches and torque the other side. DO NOT let the Locktite sit for over 30 minutes before tightening.

**Call NGS and we'll fax you a complete set of installation instructions.**