NGS Troubleshooting

Accessing Trotter 685/900T Diagnostic Mode

With treadmill in dormant mode:
1. Press 9–9–9–ENTER on the keypad.
2. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to select a specific test.
3. Press ENTER to activate each test.

Diagnostic Menu
1. Program Revision Level
2. Dynamic tests* (see below)
3. LED test
4. Tone Generator test
5. Overlay test
6. DMD Cable
7. RS0232 port check
8. Clear error message
9. Error log
10. Clear error log
11. Total mileage
12. Total hours
13. Number of starts
14. "Out of Order" display mode
15. Display base ID and Version number
16. Exit Diagnostics

*Dynamic Tests

To start the treadmill in Dynamic Test Mode, press the MANUAL START button. Use the ENTER button to select the test.
1. Error Register lists the current error code.
2. Line Frequency Test displays the frequency of the power source in Hz.

3. Motor Current Test displays the average current draw over the last 15 seconds; current draw should not exceed 8 amps with 180 lbs. load at 5 mph.
4. Motor Voltage Test displays DC voltage to the drive motor; voltage should read 188 VDC at full speed.