NGS Troubleshooting

Trotter 540 Amperage Draw Test

Testing the amperage draw on your treadmill can effectively diagnose the condition of the motor, running belt and relay box. It's a two step process:

Step 1: While the treadmill is running at 3 mph and at zero elevation, press both the UP SPEED and DOWN SPEED buttons simultaneously. The display should read between 3 and 5 amps. A higher reading indicates that there is a potential problem with the motor, choke, capacitor, or relay box.

Step 2: Start walking on the treadmill. The display should read between 11 and 13 amps. A higher reading may indicate that the running belt and deck should be replaced.

Trotter Motor OHM test

Here's a simple way of testing the health of the drive motor of all
Trotter DC models:

Disconnect the motor from the relay box. Using a voltmeter in OHM test mode, check the ohm reading from the positive and negative leads going to the motor. The ohm reading should be between .6 and .9. If the reading is outside this range, there is a problem with the motor and/or motor brushes.