NGS Troubleshooting

Trotter 545/585 Diagnostic Procedures

To enter Diagnostic Mode:

Simultaneously press SAVE, UP and DOWN control buttons.
The message "diagnostic tests … PRESS DOWN OR UP TO SELECT" will appear.
DOWN or UP to scroll through the diagnostics menu.

Diagnostics menu

C1 Program Revision Level C6 RS232 Port Check
C2 Actual Speed C7 Tone Generator Check
C3 Current Draw: Current C8 Speed Sensor Count
   should read 3 to 5 amps C9 Incline Voltage
   without load, 10 to 13 amps C10 Total Mileage
   with 180lbs person C11 Total Hours

walking at 3 mph and 0-degree

C12 Error Log
   elevation. C13 Number of Starts
C4 LED Test C14 Program Lockout
C5 Overlay Test C15 Language