NGS Troubleshooting

Entering ClimbMax Test Mode

To access Test Mode:

  • Press and hold ENTER key while turning on the ClimbMax.
  • All displays light up as long as you hold down the key.
  • When you release the key, the readouts show the version of the microprocessor software and the state of the slack switch (SLACK or TIGHT).

While in Test Mode, these keys have special functions:

DISPLAY SHIFT Displays odometer and RPM sensor data. Also begins and ends a simple test of the Smart Link electronics.
+ UP ARROW Runs the belt tensioning motor as long as you hold it down, loosening the belt. Do NOT hold the ARROW UP to loosen the belt for too long, or you may tangle or unsnap the belt.
– DOWN ARROW Runs the belt tensioning motor as long as you hold it down, tightening the belt.
ENTER Lights up each display grouping in turn to locate shorted display drive lines.
HELP Lights up each display segment to locate segments that are shorted together.
CLEAR Restores the version readout if the odometer or display test pattern is displayed; otherwise it exits Test Mode and displays the TECTRIX ClimbMax sign-on.

Error Codes

10 CAN'T SLOW DOWN or CONTROL LOST * Check Friction Belt
* Check Electrical Cables
* Test Motor
11 NO SLACK * Test Slack Switch
12 NO BRAKE * Check Belt
* Test Motor
* Test Slack Switch
13 MEMORY LOST The contents of the permanent memory have been lost. When Odometer and Use Count and Club program is cleared, program count defaults to 20 minutes. If problem persists a new display board is needed.
14 A numeral appears in the interval display Irregular electrical supply. Could be caused by turning on/off too quickly, intermittent power supply, or bad tension motor. Try testing with a different tension motor.